A Gentle Solution// Steph Cappiello

Who are you and what do you do?
Steph Cappiello; based in Los Angeles, California. I design furniture/lighting and manage a furniture studio here called Atelier de Troupe
Do you have any sacred routines? Could be daily, weekly, monthly. 
Long walks without my phone and no end destination, sitting in the shower with a washcloth to steam my face, cooking a new recipe at least once weekly. Lip balm, moisturizer and self face massages daily are also mandatory for me.
What's the latest thing you've been doing to nourish yourself, and what do you do to feel grounded and healthy?
Sleep has become essential to my daily wellbeing, as well as drinking tulsi (holy basil) tea in the evenings. I roast a lot of vegetables at home during the week as what I consume affects my daily energy levels. 
What's your favorite part of the body to be touched? In what way?
Oh.... just my neck... and my shoulders.... maybe my cheeks and a head rub as well. I guess my whole upper body. Getting rubbed down/massaged in these areas is extremely soothing to me, especially by someone close to me; I'll probably end up falling asleep on that individual. 
What's your favorite way (or ways!) of using Lauren's All Purpose Salve? Any other products favorites (LAPS or otherwise)?
Using LAP Salve after a long shower (or bath) is honestly a dream come true. Once applied I feel it deeply penetrate my skin with moisture whereas a generic body lotion will just sit on the surface of my skin. Since moving to Los Angeles from New York less than a year ago my skin has been dryer than ever as well as the tap water being quite hard. I started using LAPS on the ends of hair and all over my body, and even as a lip moisturizer. It's helped my skin immensely, not to mention the smell is euphoric.

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