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Here is a new way to care for your skin. We believe one intentional, all-purpose product creates space in your life and home to heal. Clean formulas, no junk. Keep it simple with Lauren's All Purpose Salve.

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 Lauren’s All Purpose Salve began as a way to heal my burned hands and forearms from working as a line cook in the kitchens of NYC in 2014. I wanted a simple salve with organic ingredients. There were no organic burn creams to be found, so I decided to make my own. I noticed that there were a few core ingredients in every product marketed for organic skincare. Taking these, and adding in a few ingredients I learned about while apprenticing as an herbalist, I created a balm that could be used for everything: Lauren’s All Purpose Salve. My friends started asking me what I was rubbing all over myself 24/7 and eventually started buying it from me in 2016 while I was in grad school at Columbia University for Nutrition.

For the first few years, this was the only product I sold. I grew Lauren’s All Purpose with one hero product, Lauren’s All Purpose Salve. I’ve now added a few more products to the lineup while staying true to the minimal, organic ingredient list.

Lauren’s All Purpose is not just a cream in a jar. It’s a ritual of caring for yourself so you can be there for others. My purpose is to spread a tender touch. I believe being tender with yourself and touching yourself are essential for individual and collective healing. Lauren’s All Purpose Salve was the tool I used to begin doing this and I still give myself a tender touch of LAPS daily.

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