Lauren's All Purpose Salve, or LAPS, is an organic moisturizer for every body, every day and everywhere. It can literally be used for everything! Hands, hair, eyes, lips, nails, heels, elbows, & anywhere that needs a tender touch. 

Lauren's Story: In 2013 Lauren was working as a line cook for an organic restaurant in the East Village of Manhattan. While on the line she amassed various burns and couldn't find an organic burn cream. Lauren decided to make her own blend of salve to remedy her scarred forearms. While researching the ingredients to put in her salve, Lauren noticed that most organic products have a variation of the same ingredients but are marketed for specific areas of the body. Why not have one cream suitable for everything?

After an apprenticeship with Brooklyn Herborium, an Organic Chemistry class and a couple years of fine-tuning the recipe, Lauren's moisturizing routine became simple: LAPS. One salve for all your problems :)