Who are we?

Lauren’s All Purpose is more than a skincare brand. Our mission is to spread a Tender Touch. Being tender with yourself is a daily ritual. With the help of our products, your daily practice of tenderness will grow and naturally spread to others. 


What is Lauren’s All Purpose Salve (aka LAPS)?

LAPS is a blend of 9 natural and healing ingredients handmade in small batches in Houston, Texas. Our highly absorbent, lightweight salve deeply moisturizes your skin without the greasy side effects of traditional salves. We source our ingredients from organic suppliers and lab test them for quality. 

We believe simplicity is the ultimate form of luxury. That’s why we created one product for every body, everywhere, everyday. Skincare is simple. LAPS.


If LAPS is the one product for everything, why the Serum?

The Serum is the super magic ingredient in LAPS. It is a concentrated version of LAPS that is designed precisely for those with sensitive facial skin. 

Over the years, Lauren tried every oil recommended for sensitive facial skin and her research discovered that Hemp Seed oil was by far the most effective. We infuse the Hemp Seed oil with Burdock root, a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to withdraw impurities specifically from the skin. Hemp Seed oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores. Therefore it’s safe to use on skin that breaks out easily. 

We recommend the Serum for rosacea, redness, and other skin conditions (*wink wink* we aren't doctors), but it’s also great to put a few drops on a dry, itchy scalp. 


What is the difference between the Classic Jar, Travel Jar, Tiny Jar, and Ceramic Jar?

There’s no difference in the salve, just the container it comes in. 

Our very special Ceramic Jars are handmade by artist Erin Louise Clancy and were featured in goop gift guide. These jars come filled with Lauren's All Purpose Salve. 

Can I use LAPS in my hair?

Yes! Use LAPS as a hair mask on clean hair to heal split ends and color treated or chemically damaged hair. Use LAPS as a hair pomade for a clean, lightweight daily hold. Use LAPS as protection before heat styling.


Does LAPS expire?

LAPS is 100% organic with no preservatives. Think of it as food for your skin. LAPS is good for 3-9 months after opening. Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Although our jars are eye candy, they are not meant to sit pretty on your shelf. Feed your skin everything it needs everyday with LAPS. 


Is LAPS safe for babies and pregnant mothers?

Yes! Pregnant moms can feel good about keeping their babies safe while preventing stretch marks. LAPS is safe to use as a nipple cream when nursing. Safe on baby skin for diaper rash, eczema or any boo boos. Safe tenderness for your most tender ones.

Read more about healing stretch marks with LAP Salve


Can I use LAPS on puppy paws?

Yes! Be careful leaving open jars around your pups. We’ve known dogs to treat themselves to the entire jar of our delicious salve.


Does LAPS make other products?

We believe that collaborations are the perfect way to spread tenderness. Below are our collaboration projects with female-owned, clean-beauty businesses. 


Rosebud x Lauren’s All Purpose CBD Salve

With Rosebud CBD, we added the ultimate relaxing powers of CBD to our classic LAPS recipe. 


Wild Lather x Lauren’s All Purpose Salve Soap

This exciting collaboration with Wild Lather takes the ingredients in the salve, blends them with soap ingredients, and makes one beautiful bar of soap! The chic triangle shape makes maneuvering in the shower easy, and the black line is activated charcoal which assists in pulling bacteria and dirt out of your skin.


Goldie’s Natural Beauty x Lauren’s All Purpose Candle 

So many people loved the smell of LAPS and were asking us to make a candle, so we did. Staying true to our simple, multi-use ethos, we recycled the extra plants from LAPS to make the candle.  These are hand-poured by Goldie’s Natural Beauty in Rockaway Beach, NY.