What is this?

Lauren’s All Purpose is a brand. Our mission is to spread tenderness to the world. We do this by creating skincare + self-care products with simple, high-quality, organic ingredient lists. We believe in the power of intention and create items that we want to see, feel, smell and touch on a daily basis. A daily practice of being tender with yourself, using our products, will inevitably increase your tenderness with others. 

What is Lauren’s All Purpose Salve, aka LAPS?

Our iconic cream/balm/lotion/salve is a blend of 9 natural and healing ingredients. It is handmade in a family-run, organic-certified cosmetics factory in New Jersey.

Lauren’s All Purpose Salve is a simple, luxurious skincare routine- use LAPS for your face, body and hair to moisturize, protect and heal.  This salve is 100% organic and contains no scary ingredients- making it safe for babies, grandparents, and everyone in between. Skincare is simple. Salve.

We carry 3 different sizes of the LAP Salve- Classic Jar, Travel Jar + Tiny Jar. It's the exact same product, the only difference is the size. We also have a very special Ceramic Jar. The Ceramic Jars are handmade by artist Erin Louise Clancy. These jars come filled with Lauren's All Purpose Salve. 

What is the Serum?

Lauren's All Purpose Serum is our solution for dry + sensitive facial skin. It's made with Hemp Seed oil which is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog pores. The Hemp Seed oil is infused with Burdock root for 6 weeks. Burdock root is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to withdraw impurities specifically from the skin. We also recommend the Serum for rosacea, redness, and other skin conditions (*wink wink* we aren't doctors and don't want to get sued). It's also great to put a few drops on a dry, itchy scalp. With only 3 organic ingredients, this really is a pure, simple formula. 

What is the candle?

So many people loved the smell of LAPS and were asking us to make a candle, so we did. Staying true to our simple, multi-use ethos, we used other parts of the plants that we use in the original LAPS to create the candle.  These are hand-poured by another small female business owner in Rockaway Beach, NY.

Candle Ingredients:

Organic Coconut wax- most sustainable wax out of the usual candle waxes. Also burns cleanly and throws the scent very well.

Organic hemp wick- Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. It’s basically a weed- doesn’t need a lot of water to grow and grows very quickly.

100% natural essential oils- Our custom blend of Lavendar, Peppermint and Patchouli

What is the soap?

This exciting collaboration with Wild Lather takes the ingredients in the salve, blends them with soap ingredients, and makes one beautiful bar of soap! The triangle shape gives it a chic look while making it much easier to maneuver a slippery bar of soap in the shower. The black line is activated charcoal- this ingredient assists in pulling bacteria and dirt out of your skin.