LAPS as lube ;)

Many personal lubricants, aka lube, contain a list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce and require some googling to figure out what it is. Sound familiar? Like food and skincare, it’s also important to think about what you’re putting on your body during sexy time. Chemicals in mainstream commercial lubes such as KY can disrupt the pH of your gonads, causing higher rates of infections and general discomfort. No thanks! When I first started selling Lauren’s All Purpose Salve I asked for a lot of feedback from everyone who used it. I encouraged (and still do!) engaging with the product in a curious and exploratory manner. I was bashfully delighted to hear how many people told me they’d been enjoying it both solo and with their partner(s). (Insert wink face here.)

Elevate your o-face with some LAPS. It’s all-organic ingredients will keep you feeling good during and after. A few precautions before diving straight in: Use with non-latex condoms as shea butter can weaken the effectiveness of latex. And skin is so sensitive ‘down there’ I recommend testing a small patch first.

Live in the LAP of luxury, bbs!

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