Monday: A Gentle Solution // with Erin Starkweather

Winter is hard. Monday is hard. As part of our Tender Touch campaign, we're asking LAP babes to write about what it means to give themselves a tender touch. Our first post comes from Erin Starkweather, a lovely human being who lives and works in Manhattan.

What does it mean to me to give a Tender Touch?
I give myself a Tender Touch by making time for my favorite self care rituals. For me, this usually happens at night, because I'm not one to have extra time in the morning. I like to sleep as late as possible! On days that I really need a Tender Touch, I love coming straight home from work, and cooking dinner. I go back and forth on my love for cooking, but right now, it's one of my favorite ways to relax and get creative. After dinner, I take off my makeup and wash my face with Tata Harper Regenerating cleanser, and if I have time, I take an epsom salt bath. I feel so much better when I'm regularly taking epsom salt baths, it really should be a non negotiable in my routine! While in the bath, it's the perfect time to get the lymph in your face moving by using a jade roller, I use one from Skin Gym. If I don't use it in the bath, I use it in bed while watching a show. I got my mom one for Christmas, and I swear it's her favorite beauty product she ever owned. It's made such a difference in her face that they should use her as a case study.

After a bath I put on my comfiest pajamas from Eberjey, and finish my skincare routine. Sometimes I'll make a nighttime tonic with some Dream Dust from Moon Juice, but most of the time I'll just drink some Magnesium Citrate from Nature Calm. It's amazing for relaxation and does wonders for helping me sleep. I'm super into KNC Beauty Lip Masks right now, because they're the only thing that help with my chapped lips during this time of year, so I might get in bed and put on one of those. In bed, I'll put on some LAPS(a constant on my bedside table!), turn on my humidifier and maybe my essential oil diffuser from Vitruvi. Whichever rituals I choose on a given night, a Tender Touch is my way to ground and come back to myself after whatever the day brings me. 
Lauren's All Purpose Salve: a bedside table staple :) Thank you so much for sharing with us, Erin <3

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