Monday: A Gentle Solution // customer testimonial with Jenny Young

Hi Lauren!

I received LAPS about a week ago, actually not even 5 days ago… and I am already a convert! Thank you for the handwritten note by the way, very sweet of you.

I’ve been following the LAPS story via Instagram for a while now and was at first hesitant to purchase because I am a loyal and dedicated Kiehls consumer for skin products. I’m also really happy using pure coconut oil out of the jar – use it to cook and use it to moisturize, god I love coconut! Anyways, I have found your ceaseless Tender Touch marketing program to be so incredibly endearing that I was finally convinced to try this stuff out, and I am so glad I did!

First off, the packaging and logo is very smart – simple yet elegant. Love it.

Secondly, the texture of the salve is so incredibly soft and from all of your seductive marketing I was inspired to apply it sensually and delicately, and to enjoy the whole process of it.  It’s really nice to spend some quality time loving on my body. (Not trying to get weird here haha). I’m just a big fan of the body-positive message in your marketing.

And then there’s this: I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a combat sport focused on grappling and ground fighting.  It gets sweaty and gross, and due to constant skin-to-skin contact, bacterial infections are common. I suffer from athlete’s foot – it comes and goes, looks and feels just like a paper-cut under my little toes. I use tea tree oil and anti fungal medicine to treat it.  It typically takes about a week to go away, but it’s bound to come back due to my time spent on the mats. Aaanyways. I started using LAPS on it, kind of just because I was putting LAPS all over my feet in general and noticed that my athlete’s foot healed waaaaay quicker than it does with anything else I use! So there! Another purpose for Lauren’s All Purpose Salve.  

Congratulations lady! This stuff is amazing. I will be purchasing a big jar when I run out of this one! And I will also be turning friends on to it, no doubt.

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