LAPS Review: Pia Arrobio of LPA the Label


"I usually do this in bed: This is Lauren's All Purpose Salve. I put it over my eyelid, around my eye, any dry corners, back of my hands and into my chest. So I smell like a lavender soft dream when I hit the pillow."

-Pia Arrobio, talking LAPS in Harper's Bazaar

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I use to use a very expensive skin regimen but we are older and retired early because I had brain/spinal surgery back in ‘99 and eventually my husband has had to retire early as well. Nevertheless, I had to find something that could replace my expensive skin regimen. I tried another expensive skincare and it gave me tin blisters, I tried Ayurvedic skincare but ran into 7 products to use they were expensive.
So I really began to search and I have been going more natural things going inside my body why not try the outside! It took me a while to find Lauren’s All Purpose Salve so I ordered the lavender LAPS! I could not believe when I received it that it was going to be my future All Body Skincare as well as my husbands!! I still have a hard time believing I am only using one product on my face and you only need a little and it goes a long way! It helps my grandchildren’s eczema!! I just ordered the Rose Vetiver and the Serum for me and I will let my hubby use the half jar of lavender that is left and I can always order more of it because the gentle smell of lavender and other oils happen to be one of my favorite smells ever!! I cannot wait to receive the serum and Rose Vetiver….2 products to use on your face, all natural what else do you need when it works so beautifully?? I highly recommend the original Lavendar LAPS and I bet I will be recommending the Rose Vetiver and Serum after I try them!! Give your skincare this wonderful salve, it goes on like it might be oily but it starts to go into your skin and rejuvenate immediately and it is not oily it just falls into your skin! Oh, I forgot the really wonderful part, it takes care of puffy eyes, softens early wrinkles out and you literally can put it on your eyes under you eyes etc. It also gets rid of blackheads on my nose 🤔, that shocked me!! So, sorry for such a long post but this stuff is GOLD!! What doesn’t it do??

Bettina L Albrecht June 08, 2022

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