"Just take it from moisture maven Lauren Willson"

"Favorite way to keep chemically treated hair moisturized from the inside out."

"Weirdly effective de-frizzing/styling hair product which you can also use anywhere else on your bod."

"Yes to this coconut concoction that you can use for literally everything!" FREE & NATIVE

"A total lifesa(l)ver."

"...I can't stop applying this addictive product to my hands and elbows!"

"What makes this salve really stand out is that its consistency is soft and whipped."

"It kind of has that ritualistic experience of putting it on"

"A little of this balm goes a long way!"

"One cream for all your needs, I use this salve to hydrate my face and body, as a deeply replenishing hair mask, shaving cream, makeup remover and glow boosting highlighter."

"The Swiss Army Knife of salves."

"This dreamy salve (think: a cream and an oil had a baby) contains skin-quenching shea butter, coconut and hemp oil..."

"...Smells like a lavender, soft dream" PIA ARROBIO in HARPER'S BAZAAR

"This hydrating rub can be employed anywhere that needs a little extra attention."