A Gentle Solution with Anna Santangelo

Who are you and what do you do? 

Anna Santangelo, stylist and jewelry maker.

Do you have any sacred routines? Could be daily, weekly, monthly. 

Oil cleansing, gua sha, taking time to have gratitude, perspective, stretching, drinking tea.

What’s the latest thing you’ve been doing to nourish yourself, and what do you do to feel grounded and healthy?

I've been trying to take space from my phone and computer, put them in a different room when I go to bed. I struggle with sleeping well so I'm really trying to work on that at the moment, not only for my day to day function but also for the long term effects poor sleep can have on you. Currently I've been trying to read before bed and my best friend Danie just got me on to skullcap tinctures.

Any non-negotiable practices for protecting the Earth?

Not disconnecting from it. 

I know it can feel so overwhelming but trying to do your small part. We are always going to have some sort of impact on this Earth but how can we minimise it?  For me it's being vegetarian (going on 18 years now), composting, reducing plastic consumption, using natural products, reconsidering the way we consume and produce waste.


What’s your favorite part of the body to be touched? In what way?

My hair, head, scalp - but only by a select few that I feel safest and closest with, my mum, my boyfriend, my best friend. My mum used to run her fingers through my hair when I was tired and about to go to sleep when I was young, and to this day still does it when I go home to visit her. It's a feeling that is deeply nostalgic for me.

What’s your favorite way to use LAP Salve? Any other LAPS products you love?

On my lips, on my eyelids, toes and hands especially after a shower. I also get eczema behind my knees in winter and LAPS is super soothing for it. I've been burning the LAPS candle in my studio everyday and the smell is a dream.

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