A Gentle Solution with Shayna Arnold

This week we spoke with Shayna Arnold. Shayna is a wardrobe stylist, artist and model based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and works with many brands we love including Nu Swim, Lauren Manoogian and MNZ.

What are your sacred daily routines? As in, what do you do daily to keep yourself grounded and healthy? How do they nourish and center you?

My morning and night cleansing and moisturizing routine is sacred to me. Having these scheduled moments allows me a time to mentally center myself and bring my attention to my physical body. It allows me to begin and end my day with a clear mind. 

What are your non negotiable practices to preserve and protect the earth?

For me, reusing and recycling are non-negotiable, as well as conscious, educated consumption. Most of my clothing purchases are second hand, and when I do decide to purchase something new, I invest in an item that I plan to keep indefinitely. 

What is your experience in soothing your body through touch, either alone or with a loved one? 

This year I added jade rolling to my nightly moisturizing routine. Actively working moisture into my face is incredibly gratifying especially because it helps with my redness and puffiness. I recently started using the Lauren's All Purpose Serum with the jade roller. I apply it to my especially tired areas; between my eyebrows, under eye, and my forehead.

What LAPS product do you like the most?

I think the whole range of LAPS products are so special and complementary as a whole. The product that I use the most is definitely the original LAP Salve. It's essentially so many products in one. I love to apply it to any sensitive, dry spot, as well as my lips, and sometimes as a hair mask.


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