A Gentle Solution// Maria Geyman

Who are you and what do you do?
I'm Maria Geyman! I am a board certified naturopathic doctor, the founder of Masha Tea, and a New Yorker. 
Do you have any sacred routines? Could be daily, weekly, monthly. 
In the summertime, I find nothing as satisfying as jumping in the ocean. 
What's the latest thing you've been doing to nourish yourself, and what do you do to feel grounded and healthy?
Lately, I've prioritized listening to my body in terms of eating frequently and regularly and also in terms of slowing down and resting. 
Any non-negotiable practices for protecting the Earth?
Prioritizing regenerative agriculture! For Masha Tea, I aim to source teas that use sustainable farming practices. The same is true when buying food for home. 
What's your favorite part of the body to be touched? In what way?
I love getting kissed on the cheek!
What's your favorite way (or ways!) of using LAP Salve? Any other products favorites (LAPS or otherwise)?
Since my introduction to LAPS several years ago, I always have it with me and at home. I use it every day all over my body after the shower and in the winters apply it throughout the day. Travel size is extremely convenient.
Also the LAP Serum is so lightweight, it's perfect for the summertime when there's more moisture in the air. Spray of rose water and LAP Serum is my summer skincare routine.
As for other favorite products, I'm an advocate for the old fashioned epsom salt bath, in which I throw Masha Tea BATH FLOWERS. Not sure if this counts as a product, but I have a Berkey Filter at home and at the tea studio. Both spaces are in old Brooklyn buildings and the Berkey is the best for getting everything from the old pipes out of there to ensure the cleanest water. 

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