A Gentle Solution with Jenn Park

Who are you and what do you do?

Jenn Park, designer.

Do you have any sacred routines? Could be daily, weekly, monthly.

Waking up very early and just sitting or lying in bed, soaking up the quiet before starting the day. It's somehow relaxing and energizing at the same time. Sometimes I’m lucky and can remember my dream which I try to jot down.
Moving my body most days is also very important to me. I feel the most connected to my body when I’m practicing yoga or swimming. I learned them both later in my 30’s so they feel very special to me.

 What’s the latest thing you’ve been doing to nourish yourself, and what do you do to feel grounded and healthy?

Maybe more so in the past year- practicing stillness, trusting my intuition, creating balance, embracing and sending love in all forms. Most days I can barely achieve one of those things and that's okay. Oh, and sleep, lots of it… I always feel better afterwards.

Any non-negotiable practices for protecting the Earth?

Educating myself about the products I’m using, making sure that what I’m using is clean and cruelty free. Buying less and buying better. Creating less of an impact on the planet. Putting in the work. There is power in the ‘small’ choices that we make everyday. 

What’s your favorite part of the body to be touched? In what way?

I love when someone runs their fingers through my hair or a good head massage, I’m just a sucker for any type of touch. I just melt and surrender. 

What’s your favorite way to use LAP Salve? Any other LAPS products you love?

My skin tends to be on the dry side and I find the Classic LAP Salve to be very healing. I put it on everywhere, especially my heels, cuticles and elbows. The ingredients are clean and minimal and the scent is so delicate and beautiful. I’ve gotten tips on different ways to use it as well- on sunburns and on the bottom tips of the hair… I can’t wait to explore.

I also love massaging my face with a gua sha in the morning with the LAP Serum. It’s perfect because it’s so lightweight and non greasy. I even noticed that my skin is less puffy and red with the serum. 

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