Interview: Hillery Sklar

Personally I call Hillery my fairy godmother and I believe I'm one of many. She has a unique ability to stay playful and connected to heart while running a successful business in Williamsburg. (Technically she's an esthetician, but in reality it's so much more.) Spending time with Hillery is wonderful in all ways. Often one might walk away wondering what she knows that you don't.

When it comes to your beauty routine do you recommend mixing it up or sticking to it?

I mostly come from the school of “if it ain’t broke…” The issue I have with the beauty industry is with the push to buy products. I think that most of us have 200% more in our bathrooms and closets than we actually need. My approach is a little more playful; body soaps and scrubs. As long as it’s

not doing any harm, it’s fun to be adventurous. With face stuff: figure out what works for you. You don’t have to jump at the new thing that everyone is swearing by.

What are your favorite products?

Well… you see there’s this salve :) that.. uh..

Honestly, I do love your salve. It’s a perfect thing for me. I have a tendency to like things that have a multiple purpose. Because I’m not going to do a lot. I have these dreams where I’m that woman who has an insert that goes into every bag and always wears heels. But that’s never who I’m going to be and that’s not what works for me. It’s more so if I can reach into my bag and grab something and put it on my hands and the ends of my hair and heels I’m happy.

I also love Palermo Body's face serum. Everything that goes into it is very well researched and sourced. And it’s reasonably priced which always makes me feel good.

Do you have any tips or recommendations for summertime?

As the weather gets warmer, go a little lighter with the products. I would like to think people are wearing sunscreen year-round but summer is a great time to up that a little. Also, a little but more exfoliation… cuz you’re getting hot, sweaty and hopefully sandy.

(Hillery uses Mario Badescu Oil-Free SPF 17. She often recommends Juice Beauty Oil-Free Suncscreen to clients.)

What are pores, how do you make them smaller, how do you know if your pores are too large?

Sort of an interesting question… I carry the belief that you actually can’t shrink pores. All of the things that are being sold that say “shrink pores” are actually saying you can minimize the appearance of them by cleaning and exfoliating… either chemical or mechanical. It’s sort of the only thing you can really do because you’re given your pores by God, so, can’t really change that.

For people who shave their face, do you have any tips?

If it’s a pre-shaving thing, exfoliation is always going to be great. Treat a beard like you would your face. Wash, condition, put a beard oil in it. (Hillery recommends Starkweather Oil.)

Anything else?

Yes. Be nice to your reflection. Don’t pick at yourself, don’t be mean to yourself. Practice that every day.


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