Sunday Salve: Mocha Smoothie FTW

Hi friends-

I love coffee...the aroma, taste, billions of preparation methods, life-giving energy. Lately I've been trying to lower my caffeine intake for health purposes. But I still love coffee dearly (and am way too addicted to give it up, let's be real). 

Recently I started adding coffee to my morning smoothie and it's pretty luxe. The coffee flavor is distinct and I only drink about a fourth of a cup. Baby steps, my bbs! To help wean myself off caffeine, I add various adaptogens such as astragalus and maca (a long-time favorite) to keep the energy up and stress levels down. There's nothing worse for the complexion than stress. And nothing better for the complexion than Lauren's All Purpose Salve :)

It has hemp seeds and coconut oil, two of the nine ingredients in LAPS. Let me know if you try it, and what you think!! 

Mocha Coffee Smoothie FTW: 

1 frozen banana 

1/4 c. Variety cold brew 

3 T. hemp seeds 

1 T. coconut oil

2 dates, pitted

1 T. dark chocolate cacao 

1 tsp. astragalus, maca and rhodiola powder (I make a homemade blend with Mountain Rose Herbs)

Blend it up, add some luxury with a fancy glass, sprinkle cinnamon and hemp seeds on top and enjoy! 

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