Monday: A Gentle Solution// Ryan Lopes

Our community shares what they do to bring tenderness into their day. This week we hear from Ryan Lopes, a Creative Director from New England, about how he has been spending his days in quarantine. 

It’s been a motion of all motions during our quest for calm as we adapt to a more mindful flow in our society. Dreams have been all sorts of crazy. I find it hard to reflect on a thought that may have either been reality or a detail-oriented dream. We have so much time! Baking, cooking, trying to put all of our kitchen tools to use along with digging up recipes that have been passed down to us. I don’t believe we’re expected to do much, but we have evolved entirely. That deserves value and appreciation. It’s the root of tenderness.
I’ve been taking some extra measures of care for myself in the ways that make me feel tender. Bathing with Epsom salt, eucalyptus, a few pumps of LAP Serum accompanied by incense: aroma of sandalwood. During my favorite moment of bath time, I love to sip wine, journal a bit and reflect only on present emotions. I think it’s important to keep track of the way we are feeling so we can reflect in the future where we may feel foggy. More often than not, we go through the same motions and can get through them with reassurance from our past self. It feels good and safe.

Mediations at 4am, which sound WILD but they are super grounding at a moment when the world is asleep and also 4am and 4pm are the mid-points of the day in the region my family and I live in. I don’t do it every day, as I give in to some extra sleep a couple times throughout the week. Any practice of your choice will truly set a grounding for the day ahead.
Burning my LAP Candle day and night. This woody and minty duo will become irreplaceable, the notes and warmth it provides to my space is always a highlight. As we lift social distancing measures where I am from extremely lightly (family visits only) this candle's scent is the most welcoming. I’ve created a new ritual along it with a perfect book and soothing skin with the LAP Salve.
Music is the key to my soul's tenderness. I am always rotating a few of my own playlists along with jazz sounds. You can check them out via Spotify. Tea, nourishment and exercise have been aiding my capacity to be indoors a bit
more. I’m rotating between Masha Teas, Leaves and Flowers and friends at Qi. Coffee, always, as well but the tea moments feel more soothing aren’t usually accompanied by a list of tasks.


Cooking more whole foods and focusing on eating more protein rich foods as I’ve been pairing it with more fitness routines. These often get thrown on the back burner, but I am determined and quite proud of my efforts thus far.

I encourage you to a be a little more tender with yourself and take these extra measures to show yourself love. I often look to these practices after I’ve completed a considerable amount of work or effort to deserve it, but truly we deserve it always. The state of doing good and feeling good leads to the larger successes that don’t appear right away. Stay safe and sane, friends <3.

Images by Ryan Lopes

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