Monday: A Gentle Solution// in the time of Corona

Feeling a little loopy lately? Cool, me too. Are you obsessing about getting sick? That's understandable during this time and it's called anxiety. As each day unfolds into a bizarre new reality, I fall back on the question, how can I use this time to be more tender? 
In order for me to be tender with others it first starts with myself. Here are a few ways I'm taking care of my mental health during this time. 

1) Journaling about my anxiety. Anxiety occurs when we are avoiding something, usually fear. I ask myself, what is the worst thing that could happen? After writing it out, I read back over it slowly. With deep breaths. Noticing what emotions (sadness, anger, pain) come up for me. Then I place my hand over my heart and gently let myself know that I'm here and my feelings are valid. I soothe myself further by rubbing Lauren's All Purpose Salve on my chest. 

2) Taking breaks from social media. I delete it off my phone. 

3) I decide what time and for how long I will check the news. Gentle reminder: the Facebook feed is not a reputable news source :) I like the Intercept and Vox

4) I take time to consider all my options before making a decision. When I'm afraid is when I engage in black-or-white, all-or-nothing thinking which leads to compulsive decisions and behaviors. You always have choices, even if it's just the choice to think about something differently. 

Be tender with yourselves this week. <3lauren

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