Salve Soap// Incorporating Suds into the Tender Touch

When Liz from Wild Lather reached out to me about making a soap together my answer was immediately a YES. Wild Lather is a small-batch, cold-processed soap company based out of Boston, MA.

Liz has always had an obsession with soap. As a child she remembers her best friend’s mom making soap and was captivated by the process. In 2014 she made her first batch of soap at home and soon every weekend was spent experimenting with oils and creating new bars. Her business began similarly to Lauren’s All Purpose- friends and coworkers bought Liz’s soap and demand grew from word-of-mouth. Before talking to Liz I was clueless about the level of detail and science that goes into creating soap—now I have a whole new appreciation! Read below for her insights.

On soap stigma: “There’s a misconception that bar soap is tight and drying due to the mass-produced soap bars that are on the market. However a cold-processed soap bar can be formulated to leave the skin clean and smooth.”

On liquid soap: “Liquid soap is very popular these days but I didn’t want to use plastic packaging. I’ve formulated a bar soap that lathers just as nicely as a liquid soap. It feels great.”

On the process: “Cold-processed soap is made with a mixture of hard and soft oils, so getting the formula just right is a process of trial and error. You don’t want the soap to be too hard or soft. Our soap molds are custom-made to create the triangle shape. After cutting the soaps they must be left out on racks for 4 weeks to cure.”                                                                   On small business: “Right now I’m sleeping on top of soaps! We launched exactly 1 year ago and are still running everything out of our apartment.”


On the Salve Soap: “When I saw the oils that are used in Lauren’s All Purpose Salve, I thought they would be perfect in a soap. I was addicted to putting on Lauren’s All Purpose Salve and wanted to create an equally addicting product to use in the shower. The result is a soap that soothes the skin.”

 So much of Liz’s journey reminds me of beginning Lauren’s All Purpose. I’m so excited to share this product collaboration with ya’ll. There’s a magic in handmade products that can’t be replicated. Shop for the Salve Soap here.


Very good and effective soap. Really like that. I got some this kind of product here February 18, 2020

A perfect collaboration! Love your similar stories!

Brenda November 30, 2019

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